Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ISO Certified?

Yes, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.


What manufacturing standard do you build product to?

We build products to IPC-A-610 Class 2 and Class 3 workmanship standards. 


Can you handle medium and/or high volume production runs?

Yes, we have offshore partners for lower cost options for mid to high-volume production.


What size products can you manufacture?

Our services are capable of 0.3” x .03” up to 20” x 20” PCB. We also are able to build 0201 chip sizes and fine pitch components. 


What information is needed for a PCB Assembly quote?

  • Bill of Materials
  • Assembly Drawing (Top and Bottom)
  • Gerber File
  • General Assembly Standard Requirements (i.e. IPC-A-610 Class 3)
  • Miscellaneous Special Requirements
  • Lead Time


How fast can you build and deliver my order?

We are able to manufacture products anywhere for 10 day turn to 1 day turn depending on customer needs.